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Charlie's Gold Snap x Spring Blush

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  • Charlie's Gold Snap x Spring Blush

    This was my only new cross last year, as suggested by Silverleaf in a chat.

    I am trying for a yellow snap with red dots that tastes good. Mother Charlie's Gold Snap, pollen father was Spring Blush. I guess this year's F1 will be green, a snap as both parents are snap. Not sure about the genetics of the dots, recessive or dominant. We will see what happens in the F1.

    If the F1 is yellow, then the cross has not taken, so we have an easy check for that. Looking forward to growing this cross. I have 3 crossed pods, but one I am not so sure about. The pollen was sparse, as it was late in the season and the flowers were already tiny. This could be an attractive pea, if it works and hopefully a tasty one too.

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    Yes, it could be very attractive. Fingers crossed for green snaps this year.


    • Galina
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      So dots are recessive - good! But there are 2 genes involved rup and rups - not quite so straightforward. There will be no dots in the F1.