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    With my Purple mangetouts mostly stable - 80 'Heather' plants all gave deep purple pods last spring, and 'Jupiter' looking mostly stable - depending on which seed lot I use - and 'Delta Dusk' reportedly all deep purple in a 30 plant growout at a friends house last spring, and my sibling yellow mangetouts - Pixie Moon and Joni's Taxi both producing good big podded yellows, my thoughts turned to red podded projects. This was also triggered by cleaning up the spare room, and coming across some cryptically labelled bags of red podded growouts from 2014, which I had forgotten about, and the discovery in one of the seed fridges of some 'HeatherXPixieMoon' F3 seed packets from a side project shady pot growout I left to their own devices while i went to India for holiday last summer. No idea what the F2 parents were like - incomplete records, and a failing memory, and totally dried pods on my return - so I've sown masses of seed from two different lines. The first sown have just produced buds in the greenhouse, and they are a lovely yellow, one with pink blushes on the calyx, so with luck I will get some nice reds. Should also be mangetout, since they are crosses of my yellow snow and purple snow. However, my snows might not have both pp and vv, but they are non the less palatable. Unlikely to get both pp and vv, since both the coloured parents shared the same snow parent, 'Yakumo', which I think has only one of the fibre reduction genes, but I suspect also has a fibre delay gene.

    My other project is a hypertendril yellow snow with long peduncles for easy picking. I've got a couple of lines, Pixie Moon X Mukta, a dwarf hypertendril field pea at the F3, fibre unknown but it had constricted pods, and a back cross of a yellow hyper F2 from the previous generation to it's parent Pixie Moon, now at the F2. Some of these F2s are showing hyper trait in the seedlings, and one is dwarf, and I'm hoping with the backcross that there is a good chance that I will get a mangetout out of it too.
    I'll post some pics when i find the camera.