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Telephone x Beacon

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  • Telephone x Beacon

    This is a cross I made for my Rainbow Pea project in 2015.

    The cross is very similar to Telephone x Haka https://www.growingfoodsavingseeds.c...lephone-x-haka but with a different flower colour.

    Beacon came from the John Innes Centre and I don't know much about it genetically other than it has cerise flowers due to the ce gene. The colour is lovely and reminds me a bit of pink cherry or apple blossom with almost a shaded effect on the wing petals. The green colour in the middle of the flower in the attached picture is not a trick of the light, there's definitely green in there.

    Here's what I expect to see this year in the F2:
    9/16 A_ Ce_ Wild type purple
    3/16 A_ cece Cerise
    4/16 aa Ce_ White

    So 3/16 plants should have the cerise flowers I'm looking for. I have 25 seeds only, but that gives me a good chance to get what I want this generation.