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Peas with three shoots from the base

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  • Peas with three shoots from the base

    When I found one of the experimental pea plants seedlings with 3 shoots (bred from Court Estate Gold), I was very surprised. I had never seen it before. More likely never noticed, because since then I have found 2 Court Estate Gold pea plants with this trait and about half of my Mr Bound's Bean Pea plants have it too. Now I wonder what they have in common. Probably a coincidence that it happens with brown seeds? However both pea varieties have relatively large seeds. Mr Bounds is much larger still than CEG - this is why it is called 'bean pea', because the peas are the size of small broad beans.

    The plant in the photo looks like it has 4 shoots, but it has only three and a branch off one of them, close to the ground.

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    It does seem unusual. I'm hoping to get around to sowing Usui, which although is called a Snow pea it is grown for it's pea shoots. One picture I've seen of it growing looks to have several shoots coming out of the ground, which was partly what attracted me to it. I'll see if I can find the picture.


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      That makes good sense for a pea that is for pea shoots. Yes looking forward to the photo.

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    I'm not sure this is the picture I was thinking of, but quite similar. Unless they have been sown very thickly they look to have multiple shoots? Picture is from Brown Envelope Seeds


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      You are right , they look like multiple shoots and they have very unusual tendrils too. Stubby hypertendrils?


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        They do look weird!