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    Some flower white and others flower yellow. In the case of radish pinkish white, pure white for rocket. Most of kales I have seen flower yellow, but one flowers white. Is it co-incidence or is there are genetic component to this? I am not very well informed about species of brassica. Does flower colour vary with species?

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    Good questions.
    I had something flower last year and was surprised it had white flowers rather than yellow, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! I was wondering at the time what denotes flower colour?


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      I think yellow or orange colours come from carotenoids, and I would tentatively suggest that perhaps white colours in species that usually flower yellow could be due to a deleterious mutation that basically stops the carotenoids from being produced (or stops them from being transported to the flower).

      Or perhaps a cross with a white-flowering species?

      I'd expect white flowers to be recessive to yellow ones.


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        Interesting! I am still trying to identify the white flowering kale, but if I can't I shan't worry because we are enjoying eating it tremendously anyway. The leaves are dark green, but if it is possible that the carotenoids are not sent to the flowers, then this may be why. I take on board that this kale can and will very likely cross with others in the garden - it is not a separate species in all likelyhood. Before I can grow it to seed I would need to create a dozen at least of plants from cuttings and fleece-tent them and use pollinators. This is just a slightly more space-hungry project than I can really do here. Oh well - I c a n keep it going from cuttings hopefully, just no seed sharing - too bad!