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Looking for Micro tomato Plants

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  • Looking for Micro tomato Plants

    Micro Blue (F2) x Val F2 seedlings, looking for a micro or mini dwarf with variegated leaves, with or without Anthocyanin. Also a possibility 'wispy' rugose leaves,striped fruit, elongated fruit.

    This is how they were looking...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	001-002.JPG
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    Notice the different stem colour, differing height of seedlings and to some degree stem thickness.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	007.JPG
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    There will be a mix of mostly indeterminate, dwarfs and then least of all the mini micro dwarf types I'm looking for. In this batch I'm hoping to get 3, wish me luck!

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    Looking good. It's interesting seeing early height differences with these.


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      Nice seedling bench! Hope you get the types you want to breed in this batch. That is a lot to grow out, pot on, care for etc. Or are you looking to find the types early and discard the rest of the seedlings? Good luck with them all.


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        I hope so but think the chances are slim. I've another batch on the go, so maybe. It's a huge amount of seedlings and the only way I can start so many is most will be eliminated. I've already done a major weed out, though I'm not entirely sure I've got it right! It's really difficult to harden up and not grow them all, horrid ditching plants!

        These are quite easy to work with, because a quarter will be dwarf, so the indies have now gone (or most of them)
        Next thinning will be on variegation and or wispy leaf type.... then I'm only looking for very small growing dwarves. But if something catches my eye I'll likely keep it!


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          Originally posted by Hector1 View Post
          Looking good. It's interesting seeing early height differences with these.

          Yes some are quite pronounced, though some seeds have germinated more slowly, which can often be the mini's. The dwarf types also have thicker stockier stems than the indeterminate types.


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            Picture update on progress.