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broad bean finger print and tarma spiral

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  • broad bean finger print and tarma spiral

    You can tell me the difference between fingerprint and tarma spiral,because i think it is one and the same kind of broad bean

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    How were they doing for you Ruud? Don't know the difference between them either, certainly similar types. Those and the chocolate flowering broad beans are just so unusual. Hope you are getting good harvests and plenty of seeds.


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      i didnot seperate the brown flowering one so the sseds are under the name fleur de noire harvested.Have to wait till next year.Both did good so i have now an small amount of beans for next year. Did you know that not every bean from fingerprint and tamara spiral have those spiral markings some of them are looking loke a normaal broad bean.


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        I have heard others say that the markings develop when the seeds are drying a bit, not so much freshly shelled. Maybe they still will.