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    Thank you both for your persistence with my obtuseness. I have now found the note in question and understood in broad outline the role that A has and why it isn’t given much elucidation or, as far as I can see, a section of its own on the JIC site. Phew, slow progress. Sad to have given up Biology at the age of 13 and all science soon after. Brain grinds slowly these days!


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      Certainly no obtuseness Jang. My explanation wasn't great. Haven't touched genetics since secondary either, biology was my favourite subject but my brain has purged since.

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      Considering it was apparently 2am your explanation was amazingly lucid!

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    Click image for larger version

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    It's generally recognised that Kent Blue has particularly vivid and bluish flowers, especially when they've been open for a while

    I'm wondering whether this is simply the wild purple colour or whether it might have any additional genes such as ar.


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      It would be interesting to test for that. But I can't think how to do that. Or what to cross it with to show up whether it is ar. Any ideas Triffid? There are a lot of colour modifiers that have never been researched, so I was told by Templeton if I remember right. If you are around would you chip in with ideas please?


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        Can only quote what I've read on PGene - apparently ar interacts with b and cr, producing very pale pink and light mauve flowers respectively.
        I've grown both a pea with ar and Kent Blue - personally I thought the colours were quite distinct and would put Kent Blue in the wild purple category. The ar carrier's flowers are violet when still young. Though it is true that Kent Blue has striking blooms. Could be something else at play.


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          As I’m growing Scholar, Beacon and Elisabeth - thank you Galina - and have struggled a little with the subtle differences in flower colour, I photographed them yesterday and put the photos side by side.

          So I understand:
          b in Elisabeth
          ce in Beacon
          rub In Scholar

          I think these are fairly representative of the genes in question?

          Click image for larger version  Name:	61302C02-1360-411D-8136-EF5142C9F89C.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	384.5 KB ID:	13061


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            This is an excellent side by side comparison of these 3 flower genes Jan.