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Pea gene 'dp' dark pod

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  • Pea gene 'dp' dark pod

    Just looking at linkage groups and found 'dp' in linkage group III

    Silverleaf, you are growing Absolute Zero W6 15097 with this gene.

    The JIC site says:
    Description Bluish-green pods and immature seeds. Darkening gp colour. Further pleiotrophic effects have been observed involving flower and seed colour. Note; dark green testa colour is inherited as a maternal character.

    What do they mean by immature seeds. Will it be difficult to propagate from seeds produced by Absolute Zero pea? Or is this actually a feature? Like mangetouts with dp that have slower seed developments and stay usable longer on the plant for example?

    Wonder what your experience is with this type of pea.

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    They mean that the pods and immature seeds are bluish-green. I think the mature seeds are a standard dull green, but I'll go and check my seed stash.


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      Okay, so Absolute Zero's mature seeds are quite dark and on the bluish side. They also have some slight purple speckling but that's due to a different gene at work. The seeds developed normally, no late maturity or anything.


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        They certainly look fully mature and what a delightful blue-ish colour. Just goes to show that the site is confusing me even when the English is quite straightforward Thankyou for clarification.


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          I think that sentence was easy to parse incorrectly. I read "bluish-green [pods and immature seeds]" while you read "[bluish-green pods] and immature seeds". "Pods and immature seeds bluish-green" would have been much clearer.