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  • Garlic

    Just wanted to show how the garlic is doing. The previous crop was potatoes it had cow manure at the start of the season. Once I harvested the potatoes left the ground as it was. Come october the 10th I planted the garlic straight in without adding anything to the soil. After planting it started to mulch it with hopes this year.

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    The idea is to root well before the worst of winter and your garlic has done just that. Looking really good. The hops mulch will gradually be incorporated into the soil by worms and increase the organic matter in the soil. Garlic is not a high feeder, but if you wanted to fertilise, the most benefit is when growth is at its fastest. And that is not until late spring next year. But it is more important to make sure the garlic does not go too dry than to add a lot of fertiliser. Hope you get really good returns for your efforts. And it looks so good. Do you buy the spent hops or how do you source it?


    • clumsy
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      Local brewery run by women very friendly people. I get the spent hops free they are bagged up and all I have to do collect them in my car. But I do share my vegetables with them. It's a friendship that works both ways. They made the small banner for the charity I use.
      If you can find small local brewery near you and ask they have to get rid of them somehow. That's what I did you'll end up finding their are lots of them when you look for them I was surprised when I did that. I just stick to this one get about 16 bags a week enough for me and fellow plot holders.

    • Galina
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      That is such a good idea, thank you Clumsy. I am not aware of any breweries that are very local, but haven't really searched yet. The farmers around here are asking big money for their horse manure and with the questions about aminopyralid contamination I have gone off horse manure. Hops together with organic chicken pellets and blood, fish and bone looks such a good alternative.

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    Latest update on the garlic.