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Greasy Beans from SMAC

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    My Brown Tobacco Worm just about showing it’s first flowers too, and like yours, ahead of the other two. Click image for larger version

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      Brown Tobacco Worm is producing beans. After taking the photo I found a couple low down which were big enough to pick.

      I believe it's OK as a snap bean when youngish.

      Click image for larger version

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        Aren't Greasy beans supposed to be very tender at all stages, including with fully developed beans inside? This is their specialitiy - beans with beans.


        • Jang
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          Thanks. Worth knowing!
          I’ve googled for preparation recommendations. Apparently greasy beans have strings but the strings are quite easily removed in mature pods. Traditionally the cooking time is long apparently. I’ve seen at least 30-60 minutes suggested.
          This goes against the grain somewhat; I like to cook most green vegetables very lightly.
          Some experimentation to look forward to.

        • triffid
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          Brown Tobacco Worm doesn't have greasy pods as far as I can tell.

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        How quiet the forum has become!

        A quick progress report on the SMAC beans:

        Grady Bailey Greasy Cutshort is the slowest and is in flower but only just.
        Brown Tobacco Worm and Non Tough Half Runner producing and filling out. Neither looking very greasy at the moment Click image for larger version

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          Tobacco worm looks more greasy. What happens if you run a pod past your lips? Can you feel hairs? They should be smooth with greasies. NT half runner does not look shiny at all.


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            Had our first meals with BTW and NT Half Runner over the weekend. Neither are greasy types. Only baby pods on the Grady Bailey at this point.