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Similar looking bean seeds

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  • Similar looking bean seeds

    Three very similar-looking bean seeds and one not so. All climbing varieties.

    Buckeye Fall is new to me this year, Red Eye and Monstrance I've grown several times and love. From memory, I thought CVBL was more similar in looks until I got them all together!

    Click image for larger version

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    There are many many beans that are similar to others. One day soon genetic analysis may identify common ancestry from which individual varieties have slowly mutated away in different locations. Or indeed another reason why so many are similar but not identical. And also of course which of the many beans can be called the same variety despite being known by differing names.


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      This would be most interesting.

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    Yes, it would be fascinating to have that analysis available and to have more understanding of how far human error, genetic drift, regional adaptation or deliberate breeding etc have led to such a rich but also often bewildering profusion of names and varieties.
    And indeed the three of your four varieties look very similar but the two pod types pictured look somewhat different. So perhaps there are other subtle differences in growth habits? Probably difficult to spot unless growing them sided by side.


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      I've grown Monstrance and Red Eye Fall in the same year and thought they were very similar in growth and production. But now I look at the pods it would appear they are not so close.