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    I received seeds several years ago and for whatever reasons I never sowed them before earlier this year. I was lucky enough to have 3 seeds germinate from my old stock. I'm not sure how stable they are, I seem to remember reading some reports they were all over the shop.

    Love to hear about any encounters, experiences with these and are they purple podded from an early age I won?

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    I should have read this thread before posting under ‘Black Pod’.
    I have commented there that I found that by the time the purple colouring developed, the beans were tougher than I like. I also found quite a lot of variation in how purple the pods actually were but I think all had some purple colouring.

    In the thread on Colourful beans …… crosses,
    Galina commented on how she found this variety when grown from seed acquired several years ago. It has apparently stabilised somewhat now but as your seed is also a few years old you might well experience greater variation than I did from 2019 seed.


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      Thanks for that and for a link to the thread, I'd forgotten all about it. I think that must be what I was thinking of. Interesting they may still be segregating, fingers crossed for a purple. I had a feeling colour and toughness might run together.