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  • Shoshone

    This bean was in the 2019 seed circle, from ruud I believe. It has rectangular seeds with a pretty brown and grey seed coat. That's all I know about it, so any further information would be very much appreciated.

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    Yes, I grew this last year and I agree it’s a most attractive bean. Unfortunately it fell prey to my bean troubles of last year and I lost it. Russ Crow has it in his collection and the notes I made are from him:
    Shoshone - Semi Runner, Dry
    This bean has been with me since 1979. I don't remember what its seed mother was. I also think that this bean might be easily crossed. I have been getting off types from it for the last several years although a little bit less quantity this year. It has produced 5 off type seed coats this year. Second photo is a group shot of all of this years various seed coats from Shoshone. Two of the gray seed coats might actually be a reverse of the colors. A very productive bean with about 4.5 inch pods (11.43 cm). Total Seed Harvest: 22 ounces (623 grams).

    Shoshone is apparently a Native American tribe from Idaho


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      Thank you! Somehow I completely overlooked it for planting this year. I can split the packet with you. Did they get to any significant size before they succumbed? Wondering how early they are.


      • Jang
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        I’m afraid I don’t remember how tall it grew. I know I grew it on a frame I have which is about four feet tall but the term semi-runner does certainly cover quite a range. Bohnen-Atlas has it as a dwarf bean, so perhaps not too tall. I can’t help with earliness I’m afraid except that someone on Facebook mentions harvesting first pods in mid-September but I don’t know her climate of course. Not much help. Are you wondering about trying to squeeze a crop in this season?

        The colouring on the seed is rather like Petit Gris but with a longer shape I think. I particularly like this patterning which Peter Szekeres describes on Bohnen-Atlas as “pattern of poured sand”

        Thank you for your offer of sharing. If you can spare two or three seeds for next year that would be wonderful. It’s always very disappointing to lose a variety completely.

      • triffid
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        The thought had crossed my mind but I decided against it, got enough to coddle through this late season as it is.
        Some bean collectors should be poets!