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Green Star Runner Beans

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  • Green Star Runner Beans

    I'm provisionally calling these Green Star. Grown from seed sent some years ago as Aeron Purple star, I have a couple of plants that are neither APS or Polestar which it was meant to have originated from, whether mutation or cross. Although from other posts and blogs about variability, a cross seems most likely.

    Plants are productive despite being grown in a pot, somewhat neglectfully. Their length is good and they taste lovely.

    Picture - I blinked and these got a little big but still very tender and delicious for my tea tonight. They do have strings but to be honest, I always string runners. My new go-fast method is to run over both edges with a potato peeler, find it works a treat.

    Click image for larger version

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    From Galina's post I know she has some good type green podded selections also . I'm interested to hear if others also have good-tasting green podded beans from growing out 'seeds' for APS?

    I hope I stop eating these in time to save some seeds!!!!!

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    Good size! How does the taste compare to the purple variant?


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      I only had a couple of seeds germinate, both are green podded, so sadly no experience to share about the purples. I know Galina has grown both, Jang is growing some too but I'm not sure if hers are all purple or not? Hopefully they will both see this and comment.


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        I have just six plants I overwintered indoors. All have some purple colouring at least but it may be that I selected from the colouring as I had them growing alongside standard green runners last year and could have missed any green variants in the general mêlée.