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    These are some of the ones I'm growing this year, I had this batch's seed with the added tag of Red Speckled pod. These are growing in the doorway of the polytunnel, they don't need the extra protection as they grow just dandy outside. These I believe are descended from the first seeds I grew of BGG's and were from the Sample Seed Shop,
    Blue Greasy Grit bnBGG
    I grew this one about 10 years ago and said I better grow it again before the seed go bad. This is a thin podded green greasy. I thought I had info and a pod pic on this one in my reference page, but I was mistaken. Very productive when happy.
    I don't quite remember but as they are labeled red speckle it must be quite prominent once fully ripe. Although Remy does refer to them being 'green greasy'.

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    Sadly with Remy's passing, her seed shop is no more. Enjoy seeds you have from that source. For now for reference her catalogue and pictures are still up. Red Striped Greasy was one of the beans she sold. And there is a photo.


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      Thanks, I missed that she had Red Striped Greasy.

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    I know it is sad indeed, she was a pretty amazing lady, her love and enthusiasm for flowers and edibles was a wonderful combination, coupled with her fab down to earth commonsense, she will be missed. I was saddened when I read the news, I hardly knew her but I always found with any query or comment she was always friendly, helpful and generous with her knowledge.

    This year, I guess with respect for Remy, I have tried to fit in as many bean varieties as I could that I originally sourced from her. Not all germinated but of the ones I do have I'd like later in the year to share if anyone is interested. I'll pop up a list when I know what I have.

    Off-topic to this, but kind of similar, I read a while back that Carolyn Male (dr.) had died, which came as a shock, even though I knew her health had not been great for some time. She was such a knowledgeable and inspiring tomato grower/seed sharer/information giver etc for so many tomato growers and collectors. To me another great I admire.


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      I did not know but yes I agree and have learned a lot from Carolyn. So sad. Another mentor gone from us.

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    As a more recent comer to more focused seed saving, I missed benefiting from these generous key figures but very much enjoyed the plain speaking, informative approach of Remy’s catalogue. And I have to add that I feel fortunate to have benefited greatly from a similar fund of supportive information, encouragement and rich experience so willingly given and shared in this forum.