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Cara La Virgen de la Bañera

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  • Cara La Virgen de la Bañera

    Many thanks to Silverleaf for donating this bean to the A4A seed circle. I'm looking forward very much to growing it.

    In googling for more information I came across a few references, first of all to Galina mentioning here on GFSS having originally received the seed from the German seed saver, Prof Klapprott. It then seems that you donated it to the 2014 seed circle, and I'm guessing that it's from that donation that any of the variety grown in this country originate.

    But then I came across a further reference in the blog of Mud and Gluts. She wrote: I was initially sent these beans as Cara la Virgen de la Bañera Leon, originally bought some years previously in Mallorca, but in January 2016 the grower got in touch to say that there had been a mistake on the packet and their correct name is Cara la Virgen de la Bañeza León or Face of our Lady of La Bañeza in León. They are likely then to originate from mainland Spain, in León. (

    I'm wondering whether this is an authoritative correction of the name, and whether the grower referred to is you, Galina. Any more information gratefully received.

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    On Professor Klapprott's website he lists the variety with the amended name.


    • Galina
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      Tricky isn't it. Ban tilde era is bath and Ban tilde eza is how my donor, Prof Klapprott, spells it. The same donor who then says it means Face of our Lady from Lionsbath. A typo?
      The Mud and Gluts lady was certainly taking part in that seed circle.

      But if no typo, then there is the region of Leon. And Wiki says this '.La Bañeza is a municipality located in the province of León, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2010 census, the municipality had a population of 11,050 inhabitants. It is the capital of the region of Tierra de La Bañeza'.

      Maybe if not from Lionsbath (which I cannot find on Google Maps in Majorca), the bean comes from La Baneza in Leon? Just happened to have bought it on a market in Majorca a long distance away. I don't know for sure. Maybe my donor spelled it wrong or he translated it wrong. But as usual, you can only go by what you have been given. And Prof Klapprott's page clearly says Bañeza.and that we have in print.
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    • Jang
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      Yes, difficult to know quite what's been going on. If bought in Majorcan markets it likely that that full name have been displayed? Perhaps.

      I'm wondering who got in touch with whom in January 2016. Is that Prof K? In which case, some fresh information must just have come to light at that point.

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    Nothing as complicated as that Jan. First I went by his translation and assumed a typo, later I revised that when I came to the conclusion that another possible explanation is Baneza, the place in Leon district, where indeed they have a famous madonna statue

    And at that point I revised that 'baneza' is more likely, Majorca and the translation to Lionsbath probably both a red herring, and baneza has the definite advantage of being the original name that we actually have in writing. So it was my original possible mistake based on the translation I was given, followed then by my own correction (no other input ).

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