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Stephenson's Blue Eye x Robert's Royalty F2

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  • Stephenson's Blue Eye x Robert's Royalty F2

    I've a selection of these growing, picture's not very good and was taken mid May.

    Click image for larger version

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    They are just starting to flower, the first has purple flowers, the second looks to have white buds.

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    Glad to hear you can progress this one. And flowers already. None of my beans are anywhere near flowers at the moment. Barely scrambling out of their bottles and grabbing hold onto their support sticks atm. Well done there Jayb.


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      Most of mine are still in their packets! I hope to have a mad splurge sowing this week.
      I'm quite excited to see if I get a variety of coloured pods on the different plants. One is looking like it's going to be a climber!


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        Fast forward a few years and I've started the remainder of saved f2 seeds and have 26 (plus one very sad plant refusing to thrive) planted out in the poly-tunnel.
        I didn't do a very good job growing these out when I grew them a few years ago, hense I have popped them in a lux spot in the pt to keep a better eye on them.

        Stephenson Blue Eye, found as cross by Ralph Stevenson. Yellow podded short runner, two tone seeds looking similar to Yin Yang pattern but colour is more a darker blue than black looking. Flowers are white. Best as a dry bean although I didn't save any seed from this variety, I think it was a wet autumn here making seed saving difficult. I ate mine as fat shellies.
        Robert's Royalty bred by Robert Lobitz. Purple podded snap bean, quite compact plants in size. Bred for cool and wet summers, but I found they struggled a bit in not so sunny Wales. I don't remember flower colour and seeds are a buff colour.

        I've come across several naturally crossed bean and have been facinated by the divirsity they produce, but with these you generally only know the one parent. Making a cross I know both but I guess this might still be the tip of an iceburg.
        Ideally I'd have prefered to work with pole beans but inspired by Robert Lobitz Red Swan, I wanted to include his breeding and went with Robert's Royalty with purple pods. I selected a yellow pooded variety as the other parent to hopefully follow the red podded theme and in my choice an element for colourful seed coat diversity. Love love colourful seeds!

        Mixed seedlings from this year.

        Click image for larger version

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        When planting out I loosely seperated these into greens and coloured. Though now they have grown on a bit it some of the plants with initial stem colour have faded.


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          How very exciting! I’ve just looked back at the thread for your F1 grow out of this cross. I’m full of admiration that you physically managed the cross in the first place. And what beautifully coloured and patterned seeds were produced. Amazing given how different the parent seeds were.

          The colouring variation on the stems of this F2 generation is very striking and seems full of promise for some interesting variation in pod and seed development.
          Do keep us posted with their development.
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            This plant is fun and stands out in the mass, purple pods over yellow

            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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            • Jang
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              Love it! Such delicate shading. .

              Have you tried it for eating yet?

            • jayb
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              Not yet, lunch tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be