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Schiefergold (translated: Slate Gold)

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  • Schiefergold (translated: Slate Gold)

    This is a new to me Climbing French Bean I swapped from Germany. The stems are yellow to bright red , pale lilac flowers and the pods are the closest to red I have yet seen in a French Bean. The basic colour of the pods is yellow but very heavily speckled with a brownish red colour.

    I will grow a much larger number of plants next year and put them in a better place too (these were a bit squeezed). Such a pretty bean.
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    Oh wow those are pretty pods. Are they for fresh eating or dried?
    This is the kind of result I was hoping to make a cross for a couple of years ago but didn't get around to it. It's something I still hope to do, I was aiming more for a pencil type pod, though this I think is better.


    • Galina
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      Very promising initially apart from low yield. Sadly these have not improved last year, but I did neglect many things. So they will definitely get another chance, but I cannot at this time recommend them. Pretty yes, good to eat definitely, a nice green bean, but I will have to reassess yield when I have not neglected them.

    • jayb
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      A shame about production, they sound from your description they have much going for them, hope they do well next time you sow them.