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Zola's Rose Ultrasweet (experimental)

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  • Zola's Rose Ultrasweet (experimental)

    I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Zola's Rose Ultrasweet (experimental) corn? I'm really wondering what type it is I've written a note "I think sh2" but I can't find any information to where I got that from or if they are se corn?

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    You perhaps did the same search that I did. Quite a few people in US were apparently growing it in 2016. Nobody seems to report on it but it's mentioned that it's red, experimental and bought from J and L Gardens in New Mexico. ( They don't seem to offer it any more though.

    That probably tells you nothing you didn't already know! But interesting. Good luck finding out what type it is.


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      Thanks for the link I hadn't come across those posts.
      Thank you.
      I think perhaps as the name includes Ultrasweet, it is probable it's sh2. Perhaps it was a limited trial, as not much info out there.


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        I emailed J and L gardens, but haven't heard back. It would have been good to have known the type and whether they were meant to be stable or segregating.
        I think I'll have around 45 seedlings although some are not growing on strongly, the seed was old and I'm impressed any germinated at all


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          45 seedlings is a good solid block.

          I'm just struggling to come to terms with the realisation (I think) that having fewer than 100 or 200 plants means that saving seed is fairly pointless unless, presumably, allowing a mix of different varieties.

          Are you assuming that once you've grown and sampled your Zola's Rose Ultrasweet that will be the end of it, or have you plans for making further use if it?


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            It's a daunting number indeed.

            For Zola Rose, a stab in the dark somewhat, I've also started some Sativa Early corn. I'm hoping for a mingle and blend between the two!