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  • Prescott Cantaloupes

    I've read mixed contemporary opinions about these, mainly Prescott Fond Blanc but there are at least a couple other rarer types that still exists and perhaps get lumped together. Some claim that they are wonderfully fragrant while others say the variety is lacking in aroma and taste. I wonder if this is down to growing conditions or poor maintenance of some strains, as I doubt the whole Prescott class would have been so popular with 19th century Parisian maraîchers if it was a bit rubbish.
    So I'm curious if anyone here has had any experiences to share with growing Prescotts!

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    Unfortunately not. My experiences with growing melons generally have been rather mixed and not strikingly successful. I have one or two more varieties to try this year though.

    I imagine in the warm south you have enviably propitious conditions for melons. Are you growing Prescott Fond Blanc this year and any other Prescotts? It would be good to hear of your experiences as the season progresses.


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      None with these. Prescott Fond Blanc looks amazing, but I have always struggled with the more North adapted types, so never tried this exotic type.


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        Ah that's too bad, it would have been great to know how it fares this side of the Channel to have some gauge on what to expect.

        Doubt I'll be able to get ahold of any seed this year; Real Seeds appears to be the only UK stockist, and because of their recent limited opening hours I missed my chance to get some from them. But I'll keep looking. Can I assume that because they stock the variety that it performs reasonably well in Britain?

        I did manage to source seeds of Zatta/Rospo (toad) which shares some of the wartiness and ribbing of the Prescotts, and weighs about the same, though as it hails from Italy it may be less adapted to our climate. And doesn't have quite the same striking 'fairytale pumpkin' shape.


        • Galina
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          There is a report on A4A of them being grown outdoors in Mid Wales, with the comment that a good summer helps.

        • Jang
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          Prescott Fond Blanc seems to be available from J and L seeds who are based in Brittany. They say they’re out of stock on their website but seem still to be offering it through Amazon. .

        • triffid
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          Thank you both! J and L may be an option. They also have Leamington cauliflower which is tempting.
          That A4A thread is encouraging, Galina; at least a couple of positive reports and even claims of 'favourite' and 'excellent results' thrown in.