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    Starting to look a bit worn and tired, from this

    Click image for larger version

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    to this

    Click image for larger version

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    Moschatas on the right are still quite green, though starting to die back.

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    Nice! Presumably the decorative sticks are handpollination markers? Hurry up moschatas


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      They have name labels on them for the different varieties, with a little ball on top to cap the cane. I only mark the stem of a hand pollinated fruit either with twisty tie for a selfed variety or colour coded thread for a cross. I think I might pick some of these before the weather turns, the ground gets very wet where they are. I'm a bit stuck thinking what to grow there next year, the ground is only workable late spring/early summer, any ideas?


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        Celery or celeriac. Both will stay in the soil late and benefit from the extra water.


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          Good thinking, they could certainly go in part of it. Perhaps I could do a bit of sweet corn too...