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Silver Bell Squash

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  • Silver Bell Squash

    I'm being a bit previous adding this in now and it might bite me on the bum, but I'm hoping to grow this variety in the summer. Seeds are a bit out of date so fingers will be crossed!

    Silver Bell, cute looking 4lb ish grey-blue fruits with a dumpy bell type shape. Seed source Seed Savers Exchange

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    Thank you for showing us Jayb. These are really pretty and a very useful size, could rival Uchiki Kuri. Hope they will grow well for you. How much is a bit out of date? If they were fresh seeds then 6-10 years is worthwhile going ahead with. Good luck germinating.


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      I don't know how fresh when I bought them, they are just marked sell by 12/31/11, the packet is full so I've a few to try with.
      I love Uchiki Kuri


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        Definitely fingers and toes crossed

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      Nothing like a challenge!


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        Originally posted by jayb View Post
        I love Uchiki Kuri
        We ate the ONE fruit I got from two Uchiki Kuri plants just yesterday, and I really liked it. Shame it was so small (like a large orange)...


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          This year is going to be fab for squash! Just think with that extra space, you are going to be squashed out