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La Diva cucumber - all female flowers

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  • La Diva cucumber - all female flowers

    I’m having trouble understanding how the pollination of a cucumber which produces only female flowers works.
    I want to save its seed but must it have been pollinated by pollen from a different variety? I imagine not because it’s often grown on its own.

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    This cucumber has a strong tendency to grow fruit without pollination. Some courgettes do the same, they will grow fruit without receiving pollen from anywhere. There is a technical term for it which is parthenogenesis. Guess what, one of these parthenocarpic courgettes is called Parthenon! Parthenocarpic fruit is seedless or if they do produce seed husks, they are empty, no germ inside.

    There are also tomatoes that are parthenocarpic at first and only produce seed on later trusses. These have a special status in the early greenhouse tomato industry, because without insects early in the season, gardeners do not have to agitate or shake flowers to release their pollen. Also they can set fruit if it is still too cool for mature pollen.

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      Interesting information about the courgettes I didn't know about that.