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  • A neat garden planner

    I have just come across this garden website. It is a neat garden planner, job reminder and source of 'how to' information that is as useful for the absolute beginner as it is a technique refresher for experienced gardeners. And, best of all, it can be personalised for the crops grown and the location and frost dates in different areas. Nice to play with and plan and dream about next year's garden.

    Because it is going to be a good gardening year, with just the right amount of sun and rain. Slugs, pigeons and rodents will seek their food elsewhere, dogs will have tired of digging up just planted seeds and little plants and generally things will work out so much better in 2020. Well here is for a lovely dream.

    But who knows some of it may just come true. Happy New Gardening Year to all

    This is the url

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    I think I've seen this before, I remember ticking the boxes, so thank you for reintroducing me, very helpful and I'll make a copy for the diary.