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Italian cucumber

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  • Italian cucumber

    I’ve not grown these before but had the seeds was late around late June they have grown but forgot to harvest they have got really big only 2 one is round don’t know why the other looks like the on the seed site. Not sure the information is if they get big they taste like melon shall I leave it until it getaway yellow or harvest it now? The name is carosello barese.

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    I haven’t got any experience of growing this but it looks a very interesting one. Is this just one plant, clumsy? As it’s supposed to taste like a cucumber when young and a melon when yellow and mature, it’s good to have two fruits as you can try it both ways.

    The round one does look odd for this type though. My instinct would be to try that one now, but I haven’t got any real reason for that except that it might help to promote growth of more fruit. Do let us know how it turns out.


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      Harvested the round one. Taste with the skin it’s crunchy, bit like unripe melon without skin. Taste wise nothing special to report unfortunately. Bit disappointed will wait for the other one to turn yellow.


      • triffid
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        It's an unripe melon consumed like a cucumber. Apparently there are round and elongated forms, looks like you have both!
        Maybe they'd be more interesting in a pickle.