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HSL seed list 2011/Mrs Cannell’s Black

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  • HSL seed list 2011/Mrs Cannell’s Black

    I’ve been given some old seed of Mrs Cannell’s Black runner bean. It might not germinate but I’m intrigued to track down where it came from.

    As far as I can work out it was offered by HSL around 2011 but I can’t find their seed lists from that far back online. I wondered whether any well organised soul has kept a list from around that time and would be happy to see if they can find any reference to this runner bean.

    It also appeared in the A4A seed circle around that time but was donated without any information and might not have been entirely true to type.

    Any information gratefully received.

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    You may have some luck asking on TEG bean network thread too.


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      I have this list and will after return for which I don't have a date yet, copy it out for you.


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        Thank you both. I've now realised that the variety was handed out by HSL at a seed saving training and it might be that it never got as far as their catalogue. Apparently they have some varieties which are never offered. It would be interesting to know why. But thank you for being happy to look, Galina, and congratulations on your catalogue collection!

        Thanks too for your suggestion, Triffid. I've seen no reference to anyone in US growing or mentioning this variety but it's certainly worth asking.


        • triffid
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          Oops the above link doesn't show the search results
          If you search for Henry Doubleday Research Association in the Holding Institute name field, it'll show the collection
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        • Jang
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          I was puzzled, but hadn’t had time over Christmas to explore further, so thank you for the clarification.

          And how very interesting. Concentrating on Phaseolus coccineus, there are only six accessions listed (Bamford Family, John Wynn's Runners, Bob's Black Seeded Beans, Stenner, Black Magic, Lubenham) and no mention of Mrs Cannell’s Black.
          But it seems not to be kept up to date. The most recent listing is 2009, which is a pity as it would be interesting to see what their present holding is. And out of 777 accessions held in 2009, I wonder how many are still current.
          Ten runner bean varieties are offered this year, two of which are listed in the Eurisco database, John Wynn’s Runners and Lubenham. No particular conclusions to be drawn from that observation though.

        • triffid
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          I'm getting 42 runner bean accessions and Mrs. Cannell's Black is present. Hope the link works

          I'm not sure what you mean by most recent listing, I can't find a field for that.

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        How strange. I had a series of pages like this one by clicking on the 777 which appeared on the left after the search.

        I was basing the idea that there were no recent acquisitions on the date acquired column as there were none (in the ones I could see) which were more recent than 2009.

        I have now found that 42 come up, as you say, if you search for genus and species, as well as for HDRA

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