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Germinating peas! :)

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  • Germinating peas! :)

    I sowed my "precious" pea seeds indoors a couple of days ago - my crosses, and Expatriette (I only have four seeds so I want to baby them a bit).

    Some are showing distinct signs of germination. Yay!

    A couple are showing distinct signs of rotting (boo) but never mind.

    The best news is that my single Telephone x Visionary F1 seed is coming up! I was worried it wouldn't, and I really want that dark purple flower colour in my Rainbow Pea mix. Fingers crossed for lots of F2 seed from that one...

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    Brilliant (sorry about the rotting ones)

    There's going to be lots of lovely peas about, eye candy for sure. Look forward to your progress


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      Such good news. All the best for those pea babies


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        Oh I know, goodness knows how many different peas we're growing this year between us!

        It'll be so good to admire them all.


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          I'm just waiting for picture updates Dark purple sounds fantastic

          I've sown some early dwarf types a couple of days ago in the garden but otherwise pealess at the moment!


          • Galina
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            These flowers were something to drool over. You had us all going with Visionary, Silverleaf. Probably the most exciting of all of them. together with the cr red flowers.

            You won't be pealess for much longer, Jayb. At the moment they are really growing fast. This weather suits them.

          • Silverleaf
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            Oh I know, I think Visionary was my favourite too, even better for the fact that the colour was completely unexpected! The description said "blue" or "violet" so I was thinking that I'd see something fairly close to a wild type purple/mauve flower.

            That deep royal purple was way beyond my expectations! I've sowed my 11 remaining Visionary seeds so if all goes well I'll have some to share this year.

          • jayb
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            Encouraging words thanks, though at the rate I'm moving at the moment, they might not get sown for another few weeks!. I'm going to direct sow all but the F1's I think.

            Hope they do well for you Silverleaf.

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          I tried to make sure yesterday with my database and the gardening book (to record what has been planted where in case labels get lost), that I have sown everything I intended to - and it is tens of varieties. However the sub-varieties are the real 'number boosters'. More than a quarter of the garden are peas this year. And several had to be planted singly for better observation.

          Big gardening mistake was to plant too close to the rhubarb. Well I thought I had left plenty of space, but legumes clearly supply nitrogen to adjacent plants. I can only recommend it to boost a flagging rhubarb. Never seen it that lush.

          Talking about peas where we only have the one (please thrive F1 Telephone x Visionary ), my Elisabeth x Redder Elisabeth made it, has been planted about ten days ago and is nearly out of its bottle cloche. YaY. Now it is a case of keeping the pigeons off. The tallest pea plants at the moment are about 2 ft tall. Waiting who will flower first and watering, watering and watering.
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          • Silverleaf
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            Hmm, maybe I should throw some dwarf beans in around my rubbish rhubarb?