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Using Peat Compost Question.

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  • Using Peat Compost Question.

    I've got a big bag of clover irish moss peat bale 200ltr. Could I use this as say growing medium for my chilli plants. Or would I need to mix it with something else in flower buckets. I've never used peat before so asking the question.

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    Using pure peat may be too acidic for many plants. OK for blueberries, but not for general compost. I would at least add 50% of other matter, for example soil. Peat is really a soil conditioner rather than a planting medium. Often recommended to lighten heavy soils, although frowned upon by many, because of bog depletion. If you can measure the ph after you have mixed the peat with soil and it is no lower than 6, you can use it. But peat itself is low fertility, the pack should tell you if fertiliser has been added. You need to make sure to fertilise well. But the peat should help with water holding, so less watering needed.


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      I won't be able to measure the ph, but can add other compost to it to hopefully get a near 60% balance (no soil spare). Less watering was the main advantage of using the peat in my idea. But would their be a tell tale sign of chilli plants struggle to grow?


      • Galina
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        Not thriving would be the main sign. Stunted plants. Low nutrients would most likely show as low nitrogen, ie pale leaves.

        Ph meters are not very expensive: Mine is an older version of the Rapitest lower down on the page.
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        Thanks for the link. Now should I'll order the rapitest or should I just go for the cheaper model.
        It will also come useful at the allotments never tested the ph.