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  • Roman Shades tomato

    This is my first time growing Roman Shades, a segregating determinate ( or the examples I have are) tomato bred by Tom Wagner

    Roman Shades is a variety in the making....I am including lots of sibs and cousins in the mix. Most of the fruits will be deep Roma shapes and most will have red and yellow stripes and yet more will have some degree of blue, especially on the shoulders. Most of the plants will be determinate. I have found them to be very pretty with the entire range of variations laid out to compare.

    I grew two plants which have been growing out doors, not too big a plant which have produced a smashing crop, though I've just had to pick most while still green as Late Blight is moving in. I think these will make a great little paste tomato and also hoping they dry well. Two types, both striped the slightly larger one has faint antho which can be seen on the stripes on the shoulders. Looking forward to using these.