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  • Savananas tomato

    I bought Savanans bred by Tom from Tom Wagner Seeds in 2013. This is the blurb copied from the site at the time which I think is Tom’s description it reads -

    “Combining the best of. Greenhouse cluster varieties with Ananas Noir brings some evolving demensions for enjoying tomatoes.
    I am looking for a savory Pineapple tomato version. Combining the best of four strains of greenhouse tomatoes with Ananas Noir and crossing that to Pineapple was done to upgrade the Pineapple to a different standard.
    I am looking for strong plant growth and regularity of fruit set. The best segregation will provide a vine that produces extremely uniform trusses, shiny fruits, vigorous and open vine habits - suitable for a longer cropping season, medium early maturity, a fantastic taste, resistance to verticillium, fusarium, tobacco mosaic, and some resistance to three types of root nematodes.
    Many of the seeds of this collection will produce red tomatoes but there should be some bicolor Pineapple types showing up. There should be fruits within the 2 1/2 to 4 inch range, mostly slightly flattened.”
    I grew out 5 plants in 2013 and saved seed from all 5, but only seem to have taken pictures for two of them.

    Not the best descriptions but they give a glimpse
    1 A striped bi oval, orange/yellow.
    2 A small red, crunchy flesh and good flavour (I think pictured)
    3 Thick walls, keeps well. Sweet, mild and tomatoey nice.
    4 Red Heart shaped (pictured)
    5 And one I saved seeds from but didn't describe for some reason!

    The two pictured were my favourites in 2013, I adore the colour combination of the round one.

    I grew a selection from all of the above saved seeds this year and a few plants from Tom’s original seed. Results are not quite what I was expecting. Similar types from Tom’s seed but the saved seed gave quite a variation to those from the previous year. None appear to be the colour combo I liked. Pictures to follow.

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    These are the two main tomato types this year from Tom's Savananas original seed I bought. These two types are quite similar to the ones I grew last year.


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      Lots of segregation and some really interesting looking types. I've not yet individually tasted these, hopefully some keepers


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        And some more


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          Picture update