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    Here's what could be (I hope) a fun little cross in the making, Black and Brown Boar (a normal cordon) x Micro Gemma ( a compact mirco plant.)
    Why, I love micro tomato plants and Gemma does well, plus is a yellow fruited variety. Black and Brown Boar is a very good tasting variety and grows well here, Plus it is a brown and striped. Together they have scope to improve on Gemma and create an attractive variety.

    I'm looking for, dwarf plants suitable for growing indoors under lights or in a smallish pot suitable for a windowsill. A good tasting striped segregate would be grand, I don't mind the colour.

    Very early days, if this little one doesn't grow I'll repeat the cross.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	017.JPG Views:	9 Size:	494.4 KB ID:	10964
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    Plenty of time to repeat the cross. I'll be researching the varieties I've never heard of.


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      Yes, there is time to make more crosses if needed and it might be a good idea to do another as a backup. Plus if possible I would like to save some pure seed as my saved seeds are getting a bit old. Happy days, back doing what I love.

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    But Black and Brown Boar are not dwarfs. When did you make that cross? Or did you only just grow the F1. here. But oh yes BaBB are fabulous! In fact I have just sorted out the seed packets for letters A and B from the tomato seed box, as this is on my list for 2020 too for seed renewal and I am really looking forward to these. Hope we get a good summer.
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      I should have explained it better, after starting to get my growing mojo back towards the end of last year. When I started some more micro tomatoes and a mix of small dwarf types f1's onwards, I got to thinking if there were crosses I'd like to make. I really like the Mydwafa grow outs but they are a bit big for micro/nano types. I don't have any F2 seed left to select from so I decided to use Black and Brown Boar as a parent for a similar cross which I hope will be as much fun to follow. I also started a Falen's First Snow (originally a plant found in the US amongst potted Cherokee Purple plants at a garden centre, it is perhaps a mutation of Cherokee Purple, the variegation isn't as long-lasting as Varigated but it's one I fancied trying. Though I think I may have changed my mind and won't bother.) As both of these are regular growing cordons there really is only room for one of each and they will have to be limited to at most 2 trusses. When I potted them on, I planted them so deep I thought they would drown!

      I'm hopefully doing the same also with B&BB, seed for renewal. I think your tomato growing will be fantastic this year and also beans and squash. That extra bit of summer heat should make a big difference? What about the G. Achocha, they should romp ahead, looking forward to your reports.