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Sungold F1 vs Honeycomb F1 Days to Maturity

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  • Sungold F1 vs Honeycomb F1 Days to Maturity

    I'm growing both of these cherry varieties in the greenhouse. Sungold is my weak at the knees variety that makes my mouth water when I think of eating them warm from the greenhouse. (Sunsugar is very very much the same tasting/producing as Sungold, meant to be more resistant to splitting, although I haven't noticed much of a difference. Again an F1 and the seed is not readily available in the UK, makes it not so attractive.)

    Hence my interest in Honeycomb which is being put forward as being as tasty as Sungold but without the splitting. It's too early to tell on the taste test as they haven't settled into their stride yet and the skins are a little early season tough yet. But what really interested me is Honeycomb had its first ripe fruit a good 10 - 14 days before Sungold!!!!! Sungold is always pretty much the first of the cherries to ripen here every year. It might have been my growing, plants got a bit leggy and pot-bound, but it got me wondering......

    So the point of this thread, a comparison of growing Sungold and Honeycomb for date sown to first ripe fruit.
    Four seeds sown of each in 3 modules, Honeycomb were 3 to 4 days ahead in the germination stakes, perhaps the freshness of seed making an impact. Although only 3 germinated of Honeycomb while Sungold gets a star for 100%.

    May 20th they looked like this, Sungold to the left. My idea is to grow them on as best I can uncheck to get a comparison of who indeed is the faster to ripe fruit. Though I may not have room for all 7 and I might pick the best 2 from each and grow one of each inside and out. I hope that makes sense!

    Click image for larger version

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    A very interesting experiment, and exciting possibilities. I’ve also always found Sungold the earliest so surprising if even earlier. The information available suggests long trusses too.

    When you say that Honeycomb produced ripe fruit 14 days before Sungold, that was from an earlier sowing this year? Nice to have tomatoes ready so soon.

    Looking forward to your further results, and especially the all-important taste test.


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      Long trusses aren't that apparent on the earlier set ones but they are getting longer as the plant progresses.
      Yes from an earlier sowing on 16/1, because someone couldn't help themselves. Way too early and next year the ones for the greenhouse I'll aim for mid to end of feb, which is still early but the plants will get less setbacks from my lack of skill and judgment. But it is way lovely to be eating cherry toms in April and May. I may just grow a couple of early earlies to grow on in the house, it was so good to be eating some overwinter.

      One thing I've noted with the earlier sown Sungold this year is that the first couple of trusses are producing small, almost half-sized fruit, I think a sign of some stress during growing. I have noticed similar in a previous growing year and I'm pretty sure it was Sungold that was most affected that time too. I tend to think of Sungold as bulletproof as they are such robust growers.


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        I think I've had tiny Sungold too from time to time. Stress seems to be a reasonable guess as to cause.

        Growing just one or two earlier seems a sensible balance. Lovely to have a few ripening early, as you say.