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    Hi all.

    I know what with Brexit things are changing in particular the ability to get seeds, but does anyone know of anyone in the UK that is selling any of the Dwarf Tomato Project seeds? Finally have a place to grow loads of my own tomatoes and want to use every available space for tomatoes and I can't find a supplier in the UK at all.

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    From the Dwarf Tomato Project I don't know. But there are several small and tiny tomatoes available

    Silvery Fir Tree and Whippersnapper also come to mind.


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      OOh thank you - i'd not heard of Plant World [I've been somewhat busy the last few years and relied just on Seed Coop or Real Seeds in the UK].

      Loads of choice there.


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        The proprietor of in Belgium recently told me they will be continuing with shipping to the UK. They have many Dwarf Tomato Project varieties & free postage for orders over 10 euros.
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        • Zazen999
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          I was on their website last night and wondered why they hadn't taken off the Sterling option. Many thanks for this very welcome news!

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        13 new and fresh varieties to add to the 12 i have already planned from my collection. Thank you both.


        • triffid
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          Hope they do very well for you! Tasty times ahead.