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Shadow Boxing (segregating lines) tomatoes

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  • Shadow Boxing (segregating lines) tomatoes

    These are one of Tom W's delights, sold by New World Seeds in 2012. I've liked these from the first time I grew them, in particular an elongated shaped line with a pointy tip and heavy antho. First picture are fruits from 2012, I'm unsure of their generation.

    1-044 Shadow Boxing by jayb 35, on Flickr

    I've been looking to follow the pointy lines I have, because for one thing I love the look. This year although the shape isn't quite right, taste has been spot on and I think my favourite antho tomato to date. A good mix of fresh, sweet and good old tomatoey flavour. What next year brings is another matter!
    I may have already posted these pictures in tomato album.

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    There are a few pointy ones. I like how the colour comes in bold patches and some seem to be antho all over. That's an exciting tomato. Hope you can get the pronounced pointy bits back again.


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      Thanks Galina
      I might go back to the original seed as well next year to see if there are more similar shapes to draw from?

      I was re-reading Tom's description originally placed on New World Seeds
      Pink-purple slicer with purple stripes. Blue Vine. Some late-blight resistance
      I'm interested to see ref to some late blight resistance. I must have forgotten that, as it's not something I have been looking for or noted. Perhaps an outdoor trial next year might be in order.


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        Dancing with Smurfs has really delighted me this year. Outdoor plants with very little blight and still going. They also did spectacularly well in MIL's garden, all in pots. Mydwfa had a bit more blight damage, but rallied and is also still going at the moment. There must be some pretty good blight resistant genes in both. I think this is something that Tom looks to breed into all his varieties and obviously you chose the parents well for Mydwfa.

        I hope you can find more of the pointy types. The first picture is pretty spectacular in this respect.


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          I'm so glad Dancing with Smurfs has done so well this year, I think they are little crackers! I can't remember reading about LB linked to them but very interesting you have, I'll look out for resistance next year. I think many of Tom's more recent breeding work, both potatoes and tomatoes, have centred around LB resistance as it is such an issue in Seattle and the PNW. Seattle has a relatively similar climate to the UK, which makes his breeding work and lines even more relevant and exciting, I think. So many of his varieties do well here