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Black Casady tomato

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  • Black Casady tomato

    A delightful creation by Tom Wagner.
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    Are they like a stripey Black Icicle tomato? Is their flavour similarly excellent? lovely photos - mouthwatering


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      Black Casady are smaller, more of an elongated cherry if you can imagine, than Black Icicle. They are about the size of Blush, but a bit pointier and slightly thinner. The segregates I've grown had a good flavour and were slightly sweet. I really like these, one of my new faves! The bunches look amazing on the plant too. I'm growing several again this year, they are a fun one to try if I can tempt you with some seeds


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        Oh my goodness, I really will have to get my act together and grow some toms next year. My spontaneous decision to start growing again happened so late that tomatoes weren't an option, and now I'm having serious envy! Aren't they cool?


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          If it helps, the ones in the pictures are from last year, I'm still waiting for ripe fruit from this years plants. I'm keen to taste these ones again, hope the flavour has carried through to this generation. I should have seeds later on to share for anyone who wants to try them.


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            I've been picking quite a few of these recently, taste has generally been a bit disappointing in comparison to last year and the colour seems to be redder, not so black. I'll post some pictures soon.