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Mini Mammoth, a dwarf, woolly blue tomato.

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  • Mini Mammoth, a dwarf, woolly blue tomato.

    I made this cross several years ago, I’m growing the F5 generation this year, general traits are – striped, early, anthocyanin, dwarf, woolly or furry foliage and fruit, black fruited and very good flavour.

    Fruits in the F4 generation were very attractive (pictured below) and also delicious. Although not sweet they had good balance and the rich tomatoey flavour was memorable and one I’m very keen to see if it is retained in the F5 segregates. Initially I was looking for a ‘micro’ type of tomato plant and although these are not in that category they are small growing and I think an ideal size for pots or to be grown on a windowsill.

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    Here's a few pictures with a selection of the F5 fruits. Fruit size is smaller this generation, I've only sampled a couple of fruits this season and the flavour happily remains good