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  • Tomato seedlings

    Quite young but ready for potting up, mostly F2 varieties, some F1's and a selection of Tom Wagner's varieties.
    They should keep me busy!

    Click image for larger version

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    And I thought I had a lot of tomato seedlings!


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      Yes you will be busy transplanting that little lot!

      Snap! The bigger ones were sown a month before the others and are mostly in half litre yoghurt pots, the younger ones are mostly in newspaper pots. All are in containers at the moment because I don't want to leave them in the greenhouse when the temperatures fall below 4 or 5. We are often quite a few degrees colder than the forecast says, so there is quite a bit of carrying going on. Ok there are a few peppers as well, but most are tomatoes. I have an excuse though, because I am growing for a few people, so not all just for us.


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        You do seem to have a fair few there! Are they for inside and out?
        No excuses needed for excess tomato growing, can't have too many tomatoes

        I've potted on about half today, they have gone into modules to save time and compost, spacing is tight but I hope they will be able to grow on well enough for me to plant them straight into the border in a few weeks time, though they will be smaller than I would normally plant out.

        I took a risk today and planted my cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse (they were sown I think the second week of March), they were getting a bit too heavy and big for me to carry. They've been in the greenhouse full time for about a week, so fingers crossed. I had given them a interim pot on but I think the compost I used from B&Q was very low in fertilizer as they are they are looking in need of a feed or two, low temperatures won't help either. It's forecast 9 degrees tonight, hoping it won't go below.


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          Originally posted by Silverleaf View Post
          And I thought I had a lot of tomato seedlings!
          Have you a plan for them all now?


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            Originally posted by jayb View Post

            Have you a plan for them all now?
            Kind of. 11 plants in the greenhouse, 9 in the straw bales, whatever's left in pots next to the house (probably 8 plants). I'll have to cull a few, but not too many now.

            There's a nice little corner of the decking where the kitchen meets the utility room, partially covered by the utility room's flat concrete roof. It faces east, and I figure the warmth from the brick walls and the shelter of the roof will make it a good tomato area as long as they don't mind being shaded all afternoon.

            I've started leaving the biggest plants in the greenhouse overnight, and keeping a sharp eye on the weather. Scary, but they really needed to be potted on. I'll fleece them if the overnight temperature looks like it's going to be too low.
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