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  • Ambrosia Red

    This variety has been bred and developed by J&L Garden Seeds. I grew Ambrosia Gold last year and it is awesome, which is why I wanted to try more of the Ambrosia lines this year. The first of the two Ambrosia Red plants to ripen is in fact a pink, quite a pretty and unusual colour as the fruit ripens. It's a nice pop in your mouth cherry size with attractive 5 star sepals, taste is a mini explosion of flavour when you bit into one, full of flavour and not overly sweet. I'm excited by these, although they are not quite what I was hoping for, I thought something sweeter. But these are only the first few fruits and I'm looking forward to seeing if the flavour changes over the season. All the same a keeper and I'll be saving seeds.

    I'm afraid the pictures don't do the colour justice of the ripe fruits.

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    Here are 4 Ambrosia Red (pink) cherries in the middle of the bottom row, left a Sugar Drop and right Suncherry Extra F1. Above are Sungold and Black Opal.


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      Love cherry tomatoes in all shades. And they usually taste very nice too. Like all the flavour of a big tomato but concentrated into a small package.


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        Me too I just adore them, I love how their flavour changes and develops over the season too.I've already started to pick out the cherry varieties I'm going to grow next year!


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          An aside ................................ talking about cherries ............... we are in love with Helsing Junction Blues. Perhaps it is because they took their time to mature slowly, but there is such a depth of flavour here and pounds from each plant too.