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  • Mountain Magic F1

    I believe bred by Randy Gardner in the US. Who has, amongst many other things, been developing varieties of LB resistant tomatoes. Mountain Magic F1 is a red cherry type cordon, with both PH2 PH3 genes. I've grown this variety before and found it good, but kept no notes. My seeds came from Tomato Growers.

    I sowed these rather late this year but they are making nice plants, still small and need a bit more growing on before planting out. These should be good to compare to Crimson Crush F1.

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    Are you planning on crossing them with Crimson Crush? Comparison will be interesting.


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      Umm, I thought about it earlier and wasn't sure if the result would be what I'm looking for in a tomato, but thinking again, if you get a plant that's up to being grown outdoors with decent tasting fruits and one that can stand up to Late Blight. What wouldn't there be to like?

      Yes, on my To do list

      Are you growing Crimson Crush?


      • Galina
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        No, too many other tomatoes to grow, but following the thread closely out of interest.

      • jayb
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        No room to squeeze a couple of late ones in? I'm sure they would have a chance to set a truss or two and hit prime blight time.