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  • Pastel Sleeves tomato

    This is a Tom Wagner creation and I fell in love with the colour combination of this tomato Tom posted this on his forum last year although I know this colouring may not show up in the seeds I bought.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm growing a few Pastel Sleeves this season, I have no idea to the generation or breeding of this one. The fruits are already throwing some unusual forms which I just love the shapes of, I can almost imagine little faces on some. As to the colour of the fruit and flavour, I'm afraid it's a waiting game.
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    Goodness - that must be a very early generation if the basic shape still changes that much. The last picture looks like fluted figs! That is very unusual indeed, never seen a tomato like it.

    Hope you will get the soft pastel mango type of colour you liked. And good flavour too. Wagner tomatoes are never dull, are they?


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      Yes I think you may be right, although no way of knowing if the parent plant/s I had my seeds from looked anything like the one in the picture Tom showed. My seeds came via Gary Cass so every chance they are from that batch. Lol he really has opened a door for me.


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        First ones are starting to blush, shape is interesting. I think some might be slightly hollow by the weight of the fruit.


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          First few ripe fruits and some still green. The pink cherry was a bit of a surprise! It is tasty though.