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Ananas Noire x Brandywine F1

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  • Ananas Noire x Brandywine F1

    Well that's what I thought I was growing! Two plants with stable parents should be identical, mine are not.
    I'll check leaf type tomorrow, perhaps that will give a clue.

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    Interesting! How do they taste?


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      I'll let you know later today, I used the one above to collect seeds as it was a little soft and the chooks had the remainder, they loved it.


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        Both plants are regular leaf (so defo not Brandywine Sudduth) perhaps pollen contamination or possible seed?


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          I didn't start any of these last year, but I'm going to sow a few of each F2 type today. I think the pink is the actual cross I made and possibly the yellow bi colour was stray pollen from a yellow bi-colour tomato, possibly my accident or even bee pollen crossing to a regular colour bi-colour? I'll try and grow a couple of F1's too though I may not have the space for them.

          The 'pink' saved seeds should segregate for a good mix of colours and if I grow enough some 'dark' bi-coloureds too.

          The bi colour, as long as it is not a stray seed that found it's way should segregate for both regular and 'dark' bi-colours.