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  • Tigerette (Dwarf)

    This is an unusual looking tomato plant, with its mid green 'chartreuse' foliage, it's quite striking against the more normal dark green tomato leaves. It's a dwarf variety and I think it originally was released as a F1, or at least I found reference to a F1 of this name and description. I have two seed sources, one so far has given red striped fruit (from Canada) and the other a mix of yellow striped as well as a red striped (from Europe). Productive plants despite the foliage and the saladette size tomatoes have reasonable taste.

    The 'Chartreuse' gene is recessive which makes it a nice easy one to select for both in re-selecting Tigerette and with cross selection at F2.

    These are my little seedlings, only three turned out light green, some were regular green seedlings from my saved seed this year.

    This is from the red fruiting line, green sibling by the side.

    Click image for larger version

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    Yellow striped fruiting line

    Click image for larger version

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    Yes, mine was from Canada, a swap, and had (one) red striped fruit, but the plants were swamped by larger growing ones, little light and squashed by sideshoots that should have been pruned. . I thought the plants were diseased and did not carry on growing them. Stupid or what! Just didn't know any better. I know of a Tigerella, that has larger, red and stripey fruits. Yellow Tigerette is a new one for me.


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      The reference I had to Tigerette being an F1 I think also mentioned Stokes seeds, might be why both our seed sources came from Canada. Not Stupid at all, they do have a different look to them, they catch my eye sometimes and think they need a decent feed!


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        It's like turning back the clock a year, hoping this one goes better though. I've sown some Tigerette seeds again, some from red fruited and also yellow fruited. I've also started some F1 and f2 crosses, at least it's easy to segregate for the light foliage!