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    These are some of this years seedlings from the Dancing Val line F3 and F5 and sister line F3. I had thought this cross was Variegated Lange Ærmer x Dancing With Smurfs, but the more I think about, I either mislabeled or some stray pollen got in on the act. Two tall cordon types don't make a small growing basket type, do they? Perhaps more will be revealed in these grow outs.

    Link to Dancing Val F2 and Sister line posts 2 and 4 https://www.growingfoodsavingseeds.c...-pictures-2014

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    Antho is variable but evident in most if not all of this bunch. Variegation is slow to show but becoming more evident. Quite a few very wispy leaved types in the Dancing Val lines, the Sister Act lines are producing some thich look to be cordon types without wispy leaves.