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Lange Ærmer x Sosulka Chernaya (Black Icicle) F1

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  • Lange Ærmer x Sosulka Chernaya (Black Icicle) F1

    Lange Ærmer and Sosulka Chernaya both do well here producing a good crop of tasty tomatoes.

    Lange Ærmer is a segregating variety bred by Tom Wagner, Though I suppose it shouldn't really be called that now as I've grown it several generations? It's a delightful elongated 'Green When Ripe' ( GWR) striped variety. The fruits are similar in looks to Green Sausage (Greensleeves) but taste is quite different. They have some sweetness and that lovely typical light fruity taste of a GWR, not really a paste as a bit too juicy, they taste great eaten fresh or in a salad.

    Sosulka Chernaya is a gorgeous black elongated plum, originally found in a field in the Ukraine. I've seen it described as a semi-determinate paste variety. My seeds originally came from Baker Creek and I've found it to be indeterminate and definitely more of a fresh eating tomato, good flavour and nicely juicy. It is possible there are more that one variety with this name.

    My idea for this cross is to find a tasty striped elongated type with good flavour and UK cropping ability whilst joining the beauty of these two varieties. Already some segregation in the F1's, I'm really happy to have this striped one, not fully ripe here and not tasted yet!

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    Black Icicle is such an outstanding variety, with really good flavour and very good yield. I just love them and OH insists they be grown every year since you introduced us to them Jayb. Even when they are taken in pretty unripe and ripened off indoors that flavour still comes through (but they are just superb freshly harvested from the greenhouse).

    I find it difficult to imagine the flavour melded with green tomato flavours but it could be quite deep and rich. In any case your cross looks absolutely stunning. One to be proud of. Sosulka AErmer ?

    Can't get on Tatiana's page at the moment, but from memory the story went that it was amateur bred not found. Perhaps there has been an update. I also see from the short preview on Google something that Tatiana does not support translations. I agree with that (even though it makes it more difficult to pronounce, remember, talk about a tomato) because it helps identify which tomato is being talked about. Practising - Sosulka Chernaya, Sosulka Chernaya, Sosulka chernaya ............................


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      The description seems to be back up
      • Discovered by Aleksey Kulik of Ukraine in his tomato fields. He does not remember the original variety that gave birth to the accidental cross, other than that it had pink plum shaped fruits. Aleksey Kulik selected a segregation with black elongated fruits and shared it with his partner and friend Denis Terentiev, who offered the seeds commercially in Ukraine and Russia after it was stabilized.
      • First introduced commercially in North America by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds under its translated name Black Icicle.
      • Tatiana's note: We do not support names translation, as it leads to confusion and the same variety being offered under different names. Please always use the original variety name to avoid confusion and preserve variety's roots and history. All the translated names are considered to be 'marketing' names, and not actual variety names.

      Yes they are really quite easy going when they are picked, I've growing them ever since I first tried them too!
      I like both and find blacks and greens quite similar in general flavour. I think I'd most like a black stripy out of the cross


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        Lol some of those names are a real tongue twister, I'm never sure if I've got the pronunciation right


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          They have already started dividing for colour and also into striped and non striped, I think I have 4 plants. Shape is as expected, although in further generations it would be good to capture the longer type from Lange Ærmer's breeding.