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  • Absinthe x ? Tomato

    When I grew Absinthe (bred by Alan Bishop) in 2011, what I got was red fruit and not the expected Green when ripe. I don't remember if I grew the plant from seed I received in an exchange in 2010 or seed I saved that year and no way to know if it was a stray seed, mislabelled or perhaps a cross. Finally this year I’ve grown a couple of plants from the seed I saved from the red fruited surprise, they are just starting to ripen, one's a yellow and I think the other is Pink! Looks like a cross to me, hope they taste good!
    Pictures and taste report to follow.
    Tatiana has a good description for Absinthe at her site

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    The two I think Absinthe crosses have ripened up nicely!


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      Yum! I tried the pink one first which I thought good, nice and juicy and full of tomato flavour, a nice zing but without being sharp.

      The yellow was second to sample as I'm generally not a lover of most yellows. Wow what a surprise a really nice yellow!, Creamy, juicy, sweet with nice balanced tomato tang to boot. I think I ate more than half before remembering to save seeds! I'm adding the yellow to next years grow list, possibly the pink too.


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        Forgot these;