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Early Czech Aubergine

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  • Early Czech Aubergine

    Trying for first time and planning tokeep own seed. Variatin in info about height. Any of you grown in pots? Wondering re size to use...flower buckets or squatter 7.5l. Do you pinch yours out or let grow taller? For this some are saying 30 inches.

    i was hoping to try a smaller variety and also ordered Bonica F 1- so have missed a trick here

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    I've grown both Czech Early and Bonica aubergine. I've found more reliable results with Bonica which I suppose you'd expect with an F1 variety.

    I also haven't noticed a lot of difference in height. 30" sounds about right.

    I always grow them in pots, and have got on fine with a 3L pot. Bigger pots might produce bigger plants perhaps. They do need an early start though.

    Good luck with yours. It's always exciting when they produce a lovely black shiny fruit. Thanks to Jayb I've been giving mine the electric toothbrush treatment with great results so far - at a time when they can be otherwise quite reluctant to set fruit.


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      Thanks for that. I have EC seedlings, so will plant up tomorrow. Having an unexpected gym means I have more chillis than space So wondering if I can use less space for Aubergines. I have an alternateplan now. I think gym will look good with some chillis at the side..........


      • Jang
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        Will look good with all sorts of things growing at the side perhaps!
        As long as there aren’t too many balls ricocheting around. 😏