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  • Tomatillo

    I've a soft spot for tomatillos, loving the size on this one. Must remember to get some seeds!

    Click image for larger version

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    In the case of tomatillos, does size matter and I wonder taste-wise if anyone has any favourites?

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    I’ve grown tomatillos for the first time this year. They were supposed to be purple tomatillos but all have been green throughout. Mine are varying in size - photo when at home - but none as big as yours.

    I haven’t tried cooking with them so yet to be tasted, but would welcome any suggestions. I think salsa is the classic. How have you used them?


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      The large purple ones are much fruitier tasting. Had some yesterday sliced on top of a slice of pork together with fried onion. Delectable!

      . Click image for larger version  Name:	tomatillogroundcherry.JPG Views:	1 Size:	496.3 KB ID:	16054


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        Lovely picture and beautiful colours


        • Galina
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          Thank you. Yes I am delighted. Have grown from my own seeds for years and never had that size, in fact most never got to that nice all over purple either. These are definitely doing better. The little yellow groundcherries are about the same. But all of them nearly perished in the big slug feast when they were seedlings. It was a struggle to start them off. And I sowed at least 4 batches. Glad there is ample opportunity to save more seeds this year. I cut them into slices, squeeze slightly and scrape the seeds off with a small knife. How do you harvest your seeds?

        • Jang
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          I am now definitely feeling cheated that my supposedly purple tomatillos (Seekay) are pale yellowish green.
          Not only less beautiful but less fruity tasting.
          Ah well. I enjoyed watching them develop and finding out more about them.