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  • Avocado!

    Well, I found and dug up an avocado seedling seedling last November, it was growing outside and was fairly battered by the wind and rain, not to mention it being cold! It looked a bit ropey but it was trying so hard I couldn't resist potting it up and bringing it in for the winter.

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    I've since found a couple more avocado seedlings, this time growing in the poly-tunnel border, must have come in with my not so rotted compost! They seem to have over wintered ok, although it was a mild one. One is potted up and although looks pretty sad it is now producing lots of nice new shoots along the stem, the other I forgot about and is still in the border, I'll leave it where it is for the moment, perhaps dig it up in the autumn. I've just been looking on the internet and it seems some trees have fruited in the uk, but trees need to be 10years + !

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    Only 9 years to go!


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      In prime growing areas Avos often need two plants to fruit - type A and Type B, I think. Female and Male parts of flowers on any one type open at different times of the day, you need the inverse plant around to supply pollen/ova. However, I've also heard that in marginal cold climates this breaks down, and they can be self fertile. Variety choice is pretty important for success in cold areas.


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        Lol, time flies!

        Interesting they can be self fertile and Wales has got to be at the bottom end of marginal cold climate! I think the variety chose, hopefully they know what they are doing, but I was quite surprised to find one growing outside in our late autumn weather. Plus the other two have already had their first winter in polytunnel, I can't see them getting through a cold winter though?


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          Eeek, I've done a reccy, 5 plants including the one in the pot!


          • Galina
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            Hope they will get through their second winter.

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          The one I potted up from outside and placed in the greenhouse this summer has somewhat suffered from my erratic care! I've a couple still growing in the polytunnel border... we shall see.