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Early Blood Turnip - Beetroot

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  • Early Blood Turnip - Beetroot

    I've been growing these for a few years and they really are a lovely beetroot, gorgeous deep coloured flesh which is sweet and tasty, they are a good size and don't bolt. What more could you want!

    Well, seeds.

    I've been trying for a few years to get a seed crop with little sucess, mostly due to pesky mice. This year I've managed to harvest a good amount of beets from seed sown form two sources, ISSA and SSE. I've set aside what I hope is a reasonable amount of roots to overwinter and reselect in the spring before planting out and growing for a crop of seed. Wish me luck

    I'd wondered about their name, they really do have a turnip-swede shape.

    Click image for larger version

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    Choosing beets to store for seed

    Click image for larger version

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    An assortment for cooking, about 12lbs here destined for pickled beetroot and beetroot chutney - my mums favourite.

    Click image for larger version

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    You have chosen some really nice ones for seed saving. Hope all goes well with storage. And still lots left over to eat. As you know my fortune with these and other beetroots was not so good and I haven't grown any this year. Last year the roots were eaten in the ground and all I got was leaves. Fortunately (judging by the amount of evidence left) the visiting cat is making an inroad into the rodent population. I am pleased for you that you did so well with this excellent variety.

    Well beetroots can be globe shaped to long rooted, like a shortish fat carrot. When I grew Early Blood Turnip a few years ago, most were elongated.

    Enjoy the products of your work, Jayb. These are lovely.


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      Yayy for the visiting cat, hope he gets those mice under control, it doesn't take many to do a whole lot of damage. I was so chuffed not to have any sign of them in with the beetroots this year, what a difference! I've packed them in sand in the dustbin, fingers crossed. I expect you will be able to hear me scream if anything goes wrong!

      The beetroot chutney we made was delish, some was meant for pressies but it's been eaten and have made another double batch!

      The camera doesn't do the the colour anywhere near the real thing, it's just so intense. Are the longer ones something more like the shape you had?

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Yes, not looooooong long, just slightly longer than wide. Not sure what they are supposed to be like. Nor does it matter. Yes they are a lovely colour. The leaves varied a bit (from memory) - think I had both green and reddish leaves.

        Fingers crossed for storing. And that extended chutney tasting session was obviously a success, but if it is going to be pressies, you can't be too careful, you have to make absolutely sure
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